2020 Genetic Code Expansion Conference

2020 Genetic Code Expansion Conference
August 6-8, 2020

Peking University – Beijing, China

2020 Chairs:

Dr. Peng Chen, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical Biology
Senior Investigator, Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences
Associate Dean, Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies
Peking University

Prof. Dr. Edward A Lemke, Adjunct Director IMB, JGU & IMB Mainz, EMBL Heidelberg, Johannes Gutenberg University

Conference Pricing
Academics TBD
Industry TBD
Meeting Description

This will be the third Genetic Code Expansion Conference aiming at bringing together diverse scientific disciplines that focus on developing and using GCE technology. Attendees from industry, academia and other research institutions will convene to discuss the latest techniques and approaches that are widely applicable but not limited to bioorganic chemistry within cellular and molecular processes, drug discovery efforts, material science and development of interdisciplinary research tools and probes. This conference will be capped at 125 attendees and acceptance will be given to those presenting their research.

This third GCE conference will broadly focus on the development of the technology and selected areas of future impact. Sessions will include foundational genetic code expansion technology, design of new cellular tools to probe biology, chemical approaches that facilitate advances in imaging cellular control, strategies for studying protein post-translational modification, advances in bioorthogonal chemistry and code expansion.

Conferees are encouraged to present posters; poster presenters should submit an abstract with their applications on the GCE conference web site when it opens. Submission of applications in early 2018 is strongly encouraged because we expect the meeting to be oversubscribed.  A number of poster presenters from among the early applications will be invited to present short talks. Attendees from the genetic code expansion workshop (July 2017) will be given preferential admittance to the conference.

Keynote Lectures:

Virginia Cornish, Columbia University, Department of Chemistry

Lei Wang, UCSF, School of Pharmacy



Application Process

When applying for the conference, be prepared to provide activities that justify  favorable consideration of you as a participant and contributor to this meeting.  This information is important, as it allows the Conference Chair to make an informed decision when reviewing and accepting applications.

Application Information:
Application vs. Registration: Completing an application will not register you to attend, nor does it guarantee acceptance to attend.  Registration can only be completed once you have been accepted by the Conference Chair/Committee.  If accepted you will be notified via email with an unpublished link to register for the conference.  Registration and payment arrangements are expected at that time.
Payments: Payment in full (less any financial support awarded) is required six (6) weeks prior to the start of the course.  Payment will not be accepted until you have completed the registration process.
Scholarships: Scholarships to off-set the cost of the conference are planned. The amount each scholarship and number of awards are dependent on applicant merit, need and the level of sponsor support. Application for scholarship can be made during the application process by including a letter that clearly states the amount you’re requesting and provides a full justification for the request.
Wait List:  We anticipate the meeting to be full before the deadline.  If the meeting is oversubscribed you will be placed on a waiting list.  Applications will be considered at the discretion of the conference chairs.  One application per individual.

Online Application Open Soon

If you have any questions about registration or facilities, please contact:

Dr. Peng Chen   [email protected]